Floriade 2019

While this is a world away from global politics this is an annual event that is held in the political capital of Australia every Spring. Here are a couple photos from this years effort in 2019. Although the weather wasn’t kind leading up to the opening due to not much rain fall. However I still think its a monumental effort to have this many flowers come on to bloom all in one go.

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Politics in turmoil

The current chaos around world politics at the moment can be very disturbing to a lot of people in different countries. Especially when it involves dismantling  trade and other alliances the West has built up over many decades. While I acknowledge it may not  be politically correct commenting on offshore politics however when some of these crazy choices start to  impact globally then  of course it’s going to invite comment from other countries  affected.  It would not matter so much if these choices were factual based because then it would have a course to run where tangible benefits could be realised.  Only these are emotional decisions that are made,  devoid from reality. A decision based on how you feel which is tribalism at best or plain bigotry at worse wanting to play victim status.  Using the “Us” and “Them” mentality as a cure for all ills.  A good example of this in Britain during a recent  interview with a BBC journalist putting a leading wealthy campaigner for Brexit on the spot. Not before highlighting the fact that he had made all his wealth by being part of the Euro.  Then asked him just how does he know Brexit will be good for Britain and the best answer he could give was, he “just knows” and nothing else. In other words he feels good about it emotionally only the reality tells an entirely different story.  But truth cannot be hidden  forever,  it will always find you out in the end.  It doesn’t matter if its Brexit in Britain or Trump in America, running on empty doesn’t get you far.  Just as good Journalism will always surpass opinions that are fabricated.  Conjuring up wild conspiracy theories  may be what some people take comfort in order to satisfy their mindset.  It’s also one of the downsides of technology, facts can stand alongside fiction in the online world and both seem to carry equal weight. It’s what science and journalism fight every day. But if it’s not factual then even after the damage is done, karma still finds a way of making truth slap you into reality.  So trying to rationalise how people like Trump or Johnson still have support from anything greater than 10% of the voting population is not easy as many factors come into play.  That includes very well educated political people still exhibiting this deliberate stifling of truth in order to keep promoting tribalism. Even if it means giving up long standing moral principles, breaking the law or just flat out lying. To any normal person not caught up in this cult like behaviour its betrayal to your own country, your community as well as yourself.  The same when tribalism is seen to be above country then in my mind it’s a not even close to an ideology or principles its something that has a negative net worth.  In other words, in the long run it will take you over the cliff.   In summing up my little soap box rant I was trying to think of a sentence that would encapsulate it all. Then I came across an article reviewing the Broadway play “To kill a mocking bird”  and a line was quoted , it reads something like this.   “A conscience can be exhausting. It’ll keep you up at night. A mob is a place where people go to take a break from their conscience”.   This resonated with me as a powerful statement into what is going on in the world right now in some places.  So I didn’t want to post a link to some news room rant on the rights & wrongs of anyone in political office. But rather short excepts from the eulogy spoken by former Presidents Obama and Bush at John McCain’s memorial service in 2018. As this was someone who always put country first above party or anything else. Yes he may have had flaws like all of us but stood up for those fundamental principles. It’s what I hope all countries will find their way back to in the very near future. Tribalism should stop at your family, your community and favourite sports team then not go much further than that or it becomes a destructive force. Forget the swamp, the world is still waiting for “all the best people”

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Climate Change Comment

One of the issues that plagues the modern world at the moment is the rise of populism and it’s impact on all of us. Which is another warning signal to human survival by promoting the idea that people with knowledge and science are now the elites who should not be listened to. Just keep putting your faith in the people with power and money as the sole voice of wisdom. This is how the ill informed and clueless get elected into office that put us all at risk. It’s also why we have gone on for decades without any decisive action on Climate change. Currently the Amazon Rainforest is also under stress due to the same factors. A complete denial of reality along with wilful ignorance that is inherent in a corporate culture that drives land clearing & burning off. It also questions that wisdom of allowing power and money without governance to always do the right thing. So it’s no secret I believe the world should take action on climate change and while it might involve drastic lifestyle changes for some. The vast majority of the worlds population won’t see much change at all. That is the stark reality of it all, trying to leave our grand children with a half decent planet to live on without massive global conflicts and a sustainable environment.

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Sunshine Beach

Pictures taken from various points around the Sunshine coast in Australia mostly in National park areas or on the beach. I like the Noosa area because so far local government hasn’t given into the pressure of developers where multi story buildings can totally destroy the beauty derived from pristine landscapes. Those high towers are best left for cities and high density living. The beach environment and wilderness is supposed to be the exact opposite of that.

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Noosa 2019

Pictures taken from various points around the Sunshine coast in Australia mostly in National park areas or on the beach. I like the Noosa area because so far local government hasn’t given in to the pressure of developers where multi story high rises can totally destroy the beauty derived from pristine landscapes. Those high riser’s are best left for cities and high density living. The beach environment and wilderness is supposed to be the exact opposite of that.

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Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana is an artist I came across only a short while ago and her music appealed to me straight away. She is by no means conventional, a self taught musician who earned her stripes in the early days busking on Melbourne streets. Only those early days are not so long ago, she shot to fame when one of her songs went viral on YouTube and has progressed ever since. I only hope she doesn’t over do it and suffer burn out with too many demanding touring dates not allowing the chance to take time out and continually be creative. But I really enjoy the way she mixes all styles of music into some of the songs she has composed.

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Enlighten Mar 2019

Although I’m a fan of Enlighten I thought this year’s effort just looked a little bit tired. Maybe it was the weather, as there were a few showers early in the evening. But a lack of street performers and other colourful sights took away from the experience. However having said that, I will be there again next year I hope. 🙂

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Hoover Dam & The Grand Canyon

Well this was the grand finale and part of the reason I made Vegas a stop over. The Hoover dam is an engineering masterpiece. The way it was built and the sheer scale of it, one can only be impressed. The Grand Canyon is the same, only this landscape is one that nature built so it’s scale is enormous. Would have enjoyed being at the bottom of it and looking up but was able to capture a couple of shots from an aerial view.

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Las Vegas

As Wall St is considered the heart of capitalism, then Vegas must surely be capitalism’s playground. Most foreigners are fascinated by what I like to call America’s bling it can be pinnacle of luxury in some places while in other places it’s somewhat less than that.
Still I enjoyed the experience of being able to see it all first hand, which was another curiosity satisfied.

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Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe another picture postcard location, surrounded by snow capped mountains it’s crystal clear water of America’s largest alpine lake. No matter where you go, its always scenic and you get the feeling of a very relaxed lifestyle. So no wonder American’s love to holiday there. Plus it seems the commercialism is also kept under control so that nature is able to put on it’s best display.

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