Floriade 2015

A few pics from this year’s Floriade in my city which is always spectacular. Not half as spectacular as the political events here last week with a change of Prime Minister. I posted almost 2 years ago when he was elected that in 12 mths time the Australian people might think “what have we done!” well it took a little longer than that but the result was the same. His own political party did what the Australian public wanted all along, put a 21st century man in charge instead of one two centuries behind. He may have been seen as man of conviction in conservative circles but personally I think he made the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz look clever.







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Comin’ Back to me

This was a song I came across the other day going through my collection and it seemed like years since I heard it. A great ballad by Jefferson Airplane that was written many years ago. But sounds like poetry put to music, I never get tired of this song, even thou a lot of artists have tried to cover it nothing comes close to the original. It can take you places or make you just want to sit back and listen.

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Coolum Beach and Queensland traffic

Below showing Coolum Beach and part of it’s board-walk which I thought was very well designed.
One of the amusing things when travelling north is the way some states differ in their driving habits. In short Queensland drivers seem to have difficulty merging. From the Gold coast all the way up to the Sunshine coast motorways of 110 kph connect with numerous smaller coastal towns via round about’s and overpasses. However merging traffic coming from a 60 kph zone onto a 110 zone can be hazardous. No more is this evident in Queensland where cars merging into highway traffic are nowhere near up to highway speed then just blatantly cut into traffic travelling at a much faster rate. I had never encountered that before on such a repetitive rate no matter what day I travelled. However to be fair in my home state the round abouts to go to certain places can be very confusing for interstate travellers. Poor signage and it’s placement only adds to the confusion not to mention those never ending road works.



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Queensland Beaches

Recent trip to the north found some great beaches and a lot warmer weather. Pictures below including Noosa and Coolum beach in Queensland. However it made it a lot harder stepping off the plane when coming back into -6 deg C weather after experiencing the mid twenties constantly.




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A great spot to have a coffee and enjoy the view from the village of Montville near the sunshine coast in Queensland also pics of the Glass mountains named after Capt Cook passed by in 1770 remarking their shape resembled an old English glass house stack.




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eden2 Recent sporting trip to Eden NSW provided a nice long weekend getaway.. A quiet little town with lots to offer. Especially with it’s natural harbour and places to eat. While the sporting competition wasn’t so successful the rest of the weekend was.

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Tubular Bells for Two

I saw this performance on the weekend and it was something else. Two guys doing the work of many playing this classic complex piece from the 70’s era. It was compelling even if you are not from this vintage and the music of Tubular Bells is all new to you, I cannot see how you would be disappointed with this show. So if they come to a town near you it’s well worth seeing.

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Enlighten 2015

Taken at the recent Enlighten Festival in Canberra, which I enjoyed seeing. Some of the exhibits were very clever in the use of light so plan to go again next year.




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Sydney Boat Show

Taken on a recent trip to Sydney, not quite Ibiza but almost the same atmosphere as the original
Cafe Del mar in Spain without having to go there. Nice music, good food and of course great wine to relax by while watching preparations for the 2014 Boat Show on Sydney harbour



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New Zealand Trip

This picture was taken on a recent trip to New Zealand cruising through Milford Sound. The sound runs 15 kilometres inland from the Tasman Sea at Dale Point the mouth of the fiord – and is surrounded by sheer rock faces that rise 1,200 metres or more on either side. Peaks are covered in snow which is pretty impressive for November (approaching summer in Southern Hemisphere) Also another place I liked was Napier, which was rebuilt in the early 1930s following a massive Richter 7.8 Earthquake. Subsequent fires destroyed most of its commercial heart. By the end of the decade, Napier was the newest city on the globe and the best collection of art deco buildings still around. Really impressive, like the cruise ship that took us there.

milfordss1 napier2sss OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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