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While I’m sure Julia Gillard is a capable leader. However in the public’s eyes she is perceived as just going through the motions when trying to explain a policy. There is no passion in her voice, its monotone and quite frankly sounds at times like a fingernail across a chalkboard. It must be getting pretty bad that Bob Brown when he was in office seemed to be the only one making informed comments on the carbon tax. Why ? because you could see and hear there was a sincere belief in what he was saying, he had passion in his ideology. Regardless of whether you agree with him or not. The Labor party needs to get some passion back into the debate instead of talking about something as though it’s remote from them. There have been some good policies which will stand up in the future as being absolutely correct. As for Tony Abbott, well for a Rhodes Scholar he comes across as being about as informed as someone who just woke up from a coma and the year is 1950. How anyone could even contemplate voting for him is beyond me. So what are we left with, two choices of which both parties picked the worst possible choice as leader to represent them. Had the Liberals let common sense prevail with Malcolm Turnbull they could have been in Government by now. Had Labor not tossed out Kevin Rudd they also could have also been in Government in their own right. So really there are no choices that can even satisfy a voting public that is sick of the “NO’s” from one side and just as tired of Government that is almost doing a half decent job yet has no one in the front line capable of selling a six pack to a road worker in the middle of summer.

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