Coolum Beach and Queensland traffic

Below showing Coolum Beach and part of it’s board-walk which I thought was very well designed.
One of the amusing things when travelling north is the way some states differ in their driving habits. In short Queensland drivers seem to have difficulty merging. From the Gold coast all the way up to the Sunshine coast motorways of 110 kph connect with numerous smaller coastal towns via round about’s and overpasses. However merging traffic coming from a 60 kph zone onto a 110 zone can be hazardous. No more is this evident in Queensland where cars merging into highway traffic are nowhere near up to highway speed then just blatantly cut into traffic travelling at a much faster rate. I had never encountered that before on such a repetitive rate no matter what day I travelled. However to be fair in my home state the round abouts to go to certain places can be very confusing for interstate travellers. Poor signage and it’s placement only adds to the confusion not to mention those never ending road works.



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