Climate Change Comment

One of the issues that plagues the modern world at the moment is the rise of populism and it’s impact on all of us. Mainly because this version of populism is not underpinned by anything moral or just. It challenges human rights and the very fabric in the way our societies exist. A belief in an ideology that is entirely based on falsehoods and myths. This cuts through all facets of society be it religion, science, economy or politics. While Populism itself doesn’t always have to be a bad thing when its a movement to bring down a corrupt government or giving a voice to the neglected part of the population. But to have credibility then it has to be based on a truth not someone’s ill informed opinion or bigoted belief. Another warning signal to human survival at the moment is promoting the idea that people with knowledge and science are now the elites who should not be listened to. But keep putting your faith in the people with power and money as the sole voice of wisdom. This is how complete idiots get elected into office and put us all at risk. It’s also why we have gone on for decades without any decisive action on Climate change. Currently the Amazon Rainforest is also under stress due to the same factors. A complete denial of reality along with wilful ignorance that is inherent in a corporate culture that drives land clearing & burning off. It also questions that wisdom of allowing power and money without governance to always do the right thing. I also find it odd with populism that Technology is given a free pass in terms of its impact on society with globalisation, automation job losses and other major social changes that impact on business and the way we live. Those same individuals find it far easier to blame some ethnic minority for all of society’s ills and think isolationism is the cure all. This is populism at its worse, like unlocking the self destruct button for the human race. So it’s no secret I believe the world should take action on climate change and while it might involve drastic lifestyle changes for some. The vast majority of the worlds population won’t see much change at all. That is the stark reality of it all, trying to leave our grand children with a half decent planet to live on without massive global conflicts and a sustainable environment.

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