Carbon Tax coming

At the end of next month will be the start of the carbon tax in Oz and to some people they think it’s the end of the World as we know it. Well the same thing was said when we introduced a VAT tax and it was a little blip on the economic radar and it all fizzled out to nothing. I predict the same with the carbon tax;  I think it is a good idea to gear the economy up for trading on clean energy. It also adds incentive for Green tech to develop with a reward at the other end. After all with the Asian Tigers putting all those new cars on the road every week, adding to the consumer base. This will only keep the price of oil high and limit what is a finite resource. How it will turn out in the future is anyone’s guess. It may be another energy source or some super battery powered vehicle. I’m just waiting a bit before jumping into alternative hybrid cars just yet but in order to feel a little bit green I have put the solar panels on my roof. 🙂

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