Conservatism Vs Reality

While there may be differences in opinions within certain sections of the conservative movement regarding the science of climate change. There are other areas of this denial philosophy which can be locked into other historical failures. Particularly with the economy, where the dreaded “socialism” word gets gaslighted like the enemy at the gate in order to maintain an oligarchy.  A democracy killer where a small group of the population exercise real power leaving the vast majority with virtually no say at all. It might be sold as great thing for the country but facts show otherwise. It can happen with both sides of politics but the right seem to embrace this a lot more enthusiastically than the left. Allowing power brokers outside of government to come up with policies totally geared to self interest although still claiming this mythical trickle down effect. It happens in Britain, Australia and in the USA. A short sighted philosophy that keeps repeating itself over and over since the 80’s and always results in a monumental economic crash that most likely a non conservative government ends up having to clean up. Like the one the Trump administration is now facing after gutting all the fail safe measures the previous Obama administration had set up following the last financial crash. Creating fault lines in an economy that becomes a House of Cards at best. It’s unfortunate the Morrison government tends to follow the same playbook to some extent until circumstances force a change of mind. The idea of Rule and Ruin is not a title they would be fond of but its no coincidence that every financial collapse in history happens during conservative rule. But in Australia conservatives have had their time in the sun also with John Howard benefiting from the China boom and the Menzies era taking a long ride on the sheep’s back. But hardly due to smart forward planning with big picture stuff, those bold major infrastructure projects plus any social safety nets tend to originate from the left. I think that would apply globally as well. It is in that light I’m posting a video from a small man with large brain, Economist Robert Reich. He has made many of these simple informative videos and most are well worth watching so I have embedded a few in this post. It was also made prior to the current financial collapse which while virus related most economists predicted it would happen long before corona. Finally when the dust finally settles on this disaster there is going to be a big political lesson in it especially for those who think government institutions aren’t as valuable as a tax break. Top that with weak leadership who keep delaying making tough decisions and you have got yourself a crisis on steroids.


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