The Political Paradox

When I first started posting political comments on this blog it was a reaction to our own and various governments around the world not doing enough on Climate change. Which I narrowed down to conservatism going off the rails without ever stopping to think how this happened. How on earth can they not process truth like everyone else does but that’s being arrogant and dismissive. In the age of technology truth can be buried easily by just flooding it with other noise. Not everyone reads the same news stories these days as audiences are targeted. A complicated process which is tied in with an advertising and technology advances which can narrow down a demographic to what they eat for breakfast as well as what type of news they prefer. This can also place science and acquired knowledge under threat by an avalanche of fabricated stories disguised as news. But mostly these are not facts just opinions promoting an ideological position which discredits the experts. For instance lets just say a leading doctor along with science advises that vaccination is must for preventing disease. Then a troll social media account finds one person who had an adverse reaction to a shot. Which promotes the idea that because the doctor was wrong about this one individual then everything they say is wrong. This is one way expertise is discredited in modern social media and in the 24 hr news cycle. These extremist views are able to get exposure like they never had before. It’s next to impossible to be unbiased which makes it all that much harder for the voter to have a well informed factual opinion especially in a crisis. But if any good is to come out of this covid pandemic it will show vividly the Governments who ignored science and went with a belief system instead. So this post has many embedded videos that discusses this paradox which challenges positions on both the left and the right. Including the lecture posted below from Jonathan Haidt who has books published on this subject. He has an exceptional ability to analyse why people behave the way they do politically. Probably best explained by a comment posted on one of the videos along with a heavy dose of sarcasm saying “I’m just happy there is more than one reality” 🙂

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