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Thanks for visiting my site, registered users are free to comment on any of my posts. New users check junk mail folder for registration if no mail in inbox. All comments are vetted for spam and offensive content before showing. Considering I like to think I am just a touch more organised these days these days mainly because I have now retired from the workforce. Hence the updated domain which lay dormant for years. I much prefer domains over social media like facebook as I can control the whole content without advertising the way I like. As for the web site title, well there is a humorous twist to that. In my last employment the office was central to four large computer screens and a work colleague of mine affectionately called this office “The Box”. The pictures you see change on the top of the page have all been taken by me from places I have visited in travels around Australia.

About Me
My name is : Greg Bourke , Born in Sydney grew up in the country town of Griffith NSW.  Came to Canberra in the mid 70’s and have lived there ever since.  Like most people I have multiple interests.  One of them being keeping this domain active which is many years old and started not long after the internet first became available to everyone. My interest in all things Space led to the name of the domain plus that I live in Australia which we often abbreviate as OZ.  Had I taken more time to think about the name I may have been a touch more imaginative however I have kept it ever since as it gives me a permanent email address. In the early days this was important as I was changing ISP’s like clothes looking for a reliable connection.     Things I like are listed below:


In my younger days I loved Basketball and played that half my life.  Now I enjoy bike riding ,walking , golf and lawn bowls.  Not that I am really good at any of them but enjoy being on a scenic golf course more than the golf.  The walk around is more fun than hitting the ball.  Still like my cars as well,  always have them optioned up, not for performance but for the music and perhaps just a small touch of bling.  Most of all I love driving with my favorite selections on a digital device.

Computers & Gadgets

I have had an interest in computing since the early 80’s starting out with a little Sinclair ZX80 then an Amstrad progressing to an Apple II followed by PC’s ever since.  I just loved the concept of being able to create something out of nothing, that fascinated me and while I was very much constrained not being in the genius category I loved creating programs.  Some simple , others more challenging.  As technology advanced it seemed I was forever on the upgrade path.  Always looking for some wiz bang software that was better than the one I used previously. Joining a computer club during those pioneering days  provided a chance to brush shoulders or meet with some famous people along the way.

Most noted  being Bill Gates,  who came to town with his crumpled tweed jacket and jeans presenting the new operating system called Windows while eating coffee and cake at the local computer club meeting.  As well as other industry icons from IBM, Borland, Lotus and Oracle etc all selling their wares at a time when the electronic typewriter was moved off the desk replaced by a PC.  Now computing is so powerful it is only limited by your imagination, with movies such as Avatar etc being almost entirely computer generated  it doesn’t seem that long ago controlling a ping pong ball on the screen was seen as revolutionary.  Now I enjoy both building and repairing computers.  Running multiple systems on a network I  have both Linux, Apple and Windows computers.   Even todays new smart phones  are a treat ,  the concept of getting breaking news on your phone is addictive, the ability to  book flights, check email or even update your web page from a hand held device is fantastic.

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