This is group from Sweden called Wintergatan (translated to English as MilkyWay) that I stumbled upon in YouTube and they made me smile straight away. A purely instrumental group lead by a very likeable guy named Martin who has to be the geekest musician ever. Apparently he likes making music machines, the tiny star machine featured in the video introducing the group was his first I think. Now he has graduated to one operated by over 2000 marbles which he made every working part himself or with the help of friends. Its very easy to find once you type in the name as he has a huge following from all around the world. I just get fascinated by the amount of detail that has to go into these machines that involves precise timing with all the mechanical parts working together. They put out a video almost every week detailing the build which is completely crowd funded. However I’m posting the video of him introducing the group some time back as the tune is one of my favourites, its called Sommarfågel or as I like to call it, the sound of optimism. 🙂

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