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The Covid Response & Misinformation

While New Zealand might be the gold standard in terms of covid response, the delta strain has tested them as well as everyone else due to it’s much higher transmission rate in a younger demographic. However the recent new outbreak … Continue reading

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Music from Past Decades

As boomer we were blessed with one of the most creative periods in music. Especially in the pop/rock genre, along with personally being able to hear some of the greatest bands in musical history live. So it’s a high bar … Continue reading

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Australia Zoo

An overdue visit to Australia Zoo was also worthwhile. It’s well laid out and full credit to the Irwin family for keeping the dream alive. With visitor numbers way down due to covid last year plus all the lockdowns this … Continue reading

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Sunshine Beach and Noosa 2021

It was touch and go whether I would get up there this year with covid running rampant over a large part of our neighbouring state. However a window of opportunity opened and I made a successful road trip via the … Continue reading

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