Trolls who attack this site only means more facts being posted.

Another decision passed down by the American Supreme Court (or as Jon Stewart describes it as the “Fox News of Justice”) that was against the wishes of around sixty five percent (70% in 2013 when misinformation was not the weapon of choice) of the entire population of the US shows how democracy has evolved in this new world order of the GOP. They are not concerned about one vote one value, they are only concerned about holding onto power at any cost. By enforcing minority values on an entire population is not much different than Islamic state rule or Taliban type tactics. This is a party that claim to be the moral gate keepers for the entire population so concerned about the life of the unborn no matter how it was conceived yet this same philosophy also means you are on your own after birth. Not to mention the social outcome for unwanted children and the welfare of the mother. When you operate with this sort of logic against the wishes of the majority there is no good outcome at the end. Not to mention other factors being revealed in the Jan 6th hearings with the same GOP. In any other civilised democracy Trump & his minions would already be behind bars but at the time of this post nothing but the outer circle are currently wearing the orange jumpsuits despite overwhelming evidence that multiple crimes have been committed.

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Gold Coast 2022

Just back from a recent trip to the Gold Coast playing in the Australian Open Bowls tournament. While we were blessed with perfect weather and great bowls clubs to visit I have to say it’s not my favourite destination of choice. Only because I prefer to wind down rather than a wind up when it comes to taking a break. To have so much high density living so close to a beach, looking through my eyes is graffiti on nature. Especially with those huge high rises, in my view that sort of development so close to the coast line is like throwing a tin of paint on a masterpiece work of art. In the meantime while away this web site also came under multiple attacks again since I put up a link to a video on the stupidity of embracing a gun culture in a modern highly populated society. This obviously upset quite a few people but they still don’t have the courage to make an argument identifying themselves. Instead they troll behind a VPN and try to kill a message they don’t agree with because their reality vaporises when it comes to arguing against truth.

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America’s gun problem

A month or so ago I posted an article on propaganda that was broad comment on the invasion of Ukraine plus how it is used world wide for political power. In the meantime we had a federal election in Australia and much to my surprise there was a change of government. So here was a rare victory for truth over misinformation as it was climate change policies or lack of them that turned this political tide. Now once again we have a tragic mass shooting in America and yes, those good ole boys from GOP or as we like to call them these days, “The American Taliban” still keep pumping out the same absurdities about a “good guy with a gun” and lets not forget the mental health card as legitimate arguments to do nothing about policy changes. Well it seems the good guys with a gun were there, plus more good guys with guns some 14mins later. Yet all that carnage still took place, but they keep looking for any answer except the obvious because that answer they can’t fathom. This is conservatism American style in the 21st century, everything they purport to believe in is the exact opposite to the truth. Which in turn poses a direct threat to everyone. This is what happens when you immerse yourself in a flawed culture without the ability to zoom out in changing circumstances and problem solve. The sad part is, these misguided people are always the minority in terms of the American population wishes overall, yet still determine policy. They suppress voting, stack courts, deny science, deny facts and determine anyone who disagrees with them the enemy not a fellow citizen. I once mentioned in a previous post on the gift good comedians have looking at something objectively and highlighting how firmly held fictional beliefs are easily dismantled with humour and truth. Jim Jefferies may be crude, rude & foreign which are all the ingredients to make American gun lovers angry. However he still has every argument covered on the insane logic they use for no change to gun laws. This skit is almost decade old now and was made before the Las Vegas mass shooting but still every bit as relevant today as it was then.  One final point to all the gun nuts out there, with those mythical fantasies on freedom and fear. You have no idea what real freedom is until you can go about your everyday business, send your kids to school and never have to think about others carrying a gun or be concerned. That’s a freedom that most western wealthy countries have that you will never ever know. Part one below, Part two here.

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Voting Wisely

While it might be too late to stop Climate change as it’s already here we still have the chance to prevent it from being catastrophic. The reason we are here in the first place comes down to one thing and one thing only, “Conservatism”. This is not just here but a drift from what was once a shared belief into something that became political. Now with it’s reluctance to accept science and data just because they think there is political mileage to be gained from it. Much like a Dr telling their patient to take up smoking.  So here we are, extreme weather events almost weekly now somewhere around the globe that we have to accept as being normal. Given we now have a National Election in progress here in Australia it’s time to be reminded on who took any action on emissions over the past 20-30 yrs and who undid those attempts. Voters need to be reminded how civilisation has evolved from living in caves to landing on the moon. It doesn’t come from faith or believing in the Sun God. It comes from acquired knowledge and using that knowledge to progress and deal with challenges. Be it disease control, resource management, global population impacts and everything else. Climate change is just another one of those challenges that we already have solutions for. Yet instead of being the number one priority on everyone’s list it becomes obscure to some sectors of the population due to that same wilful ignorance. Yet a recent representative global population survey shows over 64% want action on climate change. Break that down to affluent, well educated countries and it jumps up to to well over 75%. Which also makes you wonder how this minority opinion keeps dominating government action over the decades to the point of bringing down multiple leaders of government in Australia. All over one issue, Climate Change policy.

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The Power of Propaganda

The recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia attempting to rebuild an Empire or making Russia great again just highlights the dangers of any country electing or putting faith in would be autocrats. As they all come to power citing some beef with minorities as the fix it for all problems. Along with inciting hate rather than promoting well thought out political solutions. Putin’s war on Ukraine or as he likes to call it “Special Operations” is supposed to be getting rid of the Nazi’s yet he is killing women and children. This is how propaganda works, Hitler also used the same method only with today’s technology they can control the messaging for an entire country. So the general population of Russia will be totally oblivious to the reality of what their leader is doing and herein lies the power of the media in the hands of an autocrat. You only have to look at the many people talking to their relatives in Russia who try to explain they are being bombed out of existence and they just don’t believe them. Even a father doesn’t believe his own daughter. Trump people are no different, they choose to remain in this BS bubble that puts everyone else at risk by wanting to take the USA down the same political path as Russia. A regime built on lies along with all of it’s consequences. China no different, along with North Korea, after all if they were dealing in truth then they wouldn’t be in power.  Another common trait all autocracies use is creating phantom external threats in order to justify aggression against others. It also doubles up to deflect any dissent in that might be happening in their homeland. There is nothing better out of the propaganda handbook when wanting to mobilise population opinion than declaring its us fighting the bad guys. But if you rationalise it, who would want to take over China ? That’s a BIG family to adopt and feed requiring a lot of external resources for both food and everything else. The same as Nth Korea all they have is a few missiles along with a starving population. Then there is Russia, rich in fossil fuels that will be worthless in 20-30 years along with totally corrupt wealth distribution. Yes these countries would all be prime targets for an invasion by any rich western nation……..NOT!!  Then with all these autocracies, extensive corruption goes hand in hand along with  the fatal flaw of always surrounding themselves with “Yes” men. All countries have a certain percentage of their population gullible to these types of political figures including Australia. However America seems to have a higher percentage than most due to it’s past history aligned in faith and those same sections of the population intolerant of minorities & opposing views. Trump came to power singing this song, wrapping himself in the flag with one hand on an upside down Bible. Not with a unifying message, but one that incites division. Which equates to the biblical story of the baby cut in half, a nation divided in this fashion results in the same outcome. It’s one thing to be arguing over roads and bridges vs Hospitals but it’s quite another to declare your neighbour your enemy. This repeating angry tone is used to seed populism fighting phantom enemies as hate & anger are blind emotions. Bringing on board right wing media organisations pumping out the same absurdities (propaganda) which are so hate fuelled their political opposites become a greater enemy than the real enemies of their country. This was exactly how Putin tried to boost Trump with his powerful propaganda effort only it worked beyond his wildest dreams. As Trump become full on doing Putin’s bidding trying his best to divide a global western alliance for the sake of me first. This is the perfect recipe for a country to fail and their real enemies to prosper. Unfortunately the cult like followers of this individual never take stock when faced with the realities of their choice. A criminal grifter, corrupt to the core yet when exposed they keep giving him a pass. Even characterising Trump as a Rambo like figure despite him dodging the draft. Compare that to the leader of Ukraine at the moment despite his perilous position, no bone spurs for him. Another trend with this cult was to promote more and more crazies rather than sensible rational thinking people as their elected representative. Not only is this delusional it puts their own country and the entire free world at risk. Hopefully now, some of these people can stand back and observe what is going on with Putin’s murderous ambition and feel some sense of shame. After all Putin was the same man who did all that he could to target and promote Trump to become elected along with dividing a nation which you can be assured wasn’t to make America great. It was just fortunate that enough Americans woke up the second time round instead believing the untrue or being wilfully blind. Because this is what reality looks like outside that comfort bubble of only listening to what you want to hear and see. Right now there is no choice of remaining in that bubble, unless of course you tune into Russian TV. The Truth may be confronting and ugly but it shows the danger of blind faith that discards facts and common sense that is dismissed as fake news. This war being raged in Ukraine is not only a battle for democracy, it’s a war on truth. The same battle that has been going on in America for the past decade. A war on truth designed to kill a democracy just like in Ukraine that large elements of the American  conservative movement are playing a part in.

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Summer Rain that won’t stop.

While the world is currently focused on a dictator causing havoc in Europe. Australia’s east coast and elsewhere are treading water with endless rainfall that just keeps coming. It’s ironic that in 2020 I posted the exact opposite where much of the east coast was burning with bushfires. Which in turn prompted me to begin posting about our government’s inaction over climate change. So here we are two years on and it’s the same story. Weather events on steroids keep happening year after year but for some people they keep talking it up as natural weather. The once in a 100 or 1000 year event, yet it’s funny how insurance companies don’t see it the same way.

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Modern Monetary Theory, Explained

Being an admirer of Jon Stewart’s humour and sharp wit I came across a podcast he put out the other day. It was very interesting and thought provoking, besides normally as a rule of thumb good comedians will have a higher IQ than the rest of us. Their gift is to get you to see the world through their eyes and highlight the absurdity of things we just view as the status quo. They do this through humour and it doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, be it political or just everyday life.

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Site Hacked

I apologise for any inconvenience caused but this site was hacked in the past week with a redirection to a malicious malware site. It was only harmful if permission was given in guise of a robot check after that redirection. Unfortunately this is price one has to pay these days if you dare put factual political content on your site. The Truth Trolls go after you once it is flagged. In the meantime all the Flat Earthers, QAnon, Anti Science and Hate sites remain untouched. This is the downside of technology these days, falsehoods are given equal weight as the truth to the point where is sometimes it actually drowns out truth. Clearly this is detrimental to society to function as a unified community. So as my way of countering this I thought I’d put a video up from a group therapy event from Above & Beyond held all around the world at various locations before covid. No one goes to these music events filled with hate nor with an indifference to their fellow man regardless of what they believe in. They also represent by far the global population opinion, yet there is still a trend in some places for a desire to be governed by misinformed fringe group radicals.  But given that they are mostly a young demographic hopefully it’s a sign to be optimistic about the future with a changing of the guard.

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James Webb Space Telescope

It was a very patient wait until this was fully deployed because so many things could have gone wrong. But as it stands this is an engineering masterpiece with over 1200 scientists, engineers and technicians from 14 countries all collaborating in putting this project together. It shows Science at it’s leading edge, especially when it is viewed as an achievement in co-operation and the sharing of knowledge. As opposed to this other small misguided faction of the global population that put us all in peril with an anti science , anti truth agenda and  a belief  based on myths.

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Reality Check

A new movie came out on Netflix called Don’t Look Up over the holiday season which is meant as a parody but sadly could be seen as real reflection of society as it has evolved in today’s world. A society where Reality TV, Celebrity and Social media shape people’s thought process. Gone are the days where a scientist is revered for producing a vaccine to cure polio. These days a tick tock video of woman teaching her cat to dance might carry more weight. So this movie is about that, a society that has lost it’s way in what is real and what they just choose to believe. Hopefully it might influence some people to rethink their priorities. Especially when we get weekly reminders of what Climate Change actually means along with over 50yrs of “sit tight and access”.

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