Technology & social interaction.

For all the nice things technology can bring one of the down sides of having a computer in your pocket is, it can become far too distracting.  No matter what city I have visited in the past couple of years a walk down a crowded  city street you are confronted with almost everyone under 30  with an ear piece  or headphones.  If they don’t have that then there is a phone to an ear while walking  or texting waiting for the light to change at a crossing. Today if you have to line up for anything regardless of where it might be.  Such as a movie theatre or just waiting to be served at a bank.  Instinctively all the phones will come out & they start playing, strange behaviour that resembles some sort of  high tech security blanket  a child needs to keep them calm. That seems to be the Teen insecurity of today,  unless they have a mobile device clutched firmly in hand when in a static position they feel naked.


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  1. Lora says:

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