The Voice

While I am not a fan of reality TV I was lucky enough to catch the Australian version of The Voice just as this young girl singer came on and she was mesmerizing. What’s even more amazing she spent a lot of her short years living on the streets before becoming a ward of the state. At only 19 yrs of age she found music after being fostered to a family who owned a music store teaching her how to play guitar. Never had a singing lesson in her life just listened to some of those classic rock stars while at the music store I guess.  Karise Eden sounds like Janis Joplin, Adele & Amy Winehouse all at once. She sings a Amy Winehouse song better than what Amy ever did. I hope she wins, she deserves too.

I Hope the links work for the non Aussie viewers. The bottom clip is the sing off against a New Zealand girl who was also good.

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  1. Layan says:

    Hey Alyssa ?The songs you posted by the female artists was perhaps some of their best work and truly popular songs, which I really liked.The first song “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse was a song I think she sang extremely well however I would prefer the original version of the song, which was by “The Zutons”. I’m assuming that you must be a fan of jazz music which is why you liked this version of the song by Amy Winehouse.The second song by Adele is one, which appealed to me mainly because of its lyrics and her voice too is amazing.“Gonna get over you” by Sara Bareilles is a very catchy song and it has this beat to it which would make anyone want to move to it.The last song which was “You and I” by Lady Gaga had much feeling and depth and this was my favorite song of the lot. She is an artist who always comes up with something new and interesting and her music is never disappointing.Furthermore what I noticed was the fact that a theme common to all these songs was love as each song had either some reference to the longing for someone or an end to a relationship. To add to this the female artists you choose were ones who are know for their excellent work and I too like their music.I look forward to working with you over the next few weeks and getting to know more about the type of music you listen to and also wish to share with you some of Pakistani songs I listen to. I hope you like them. Take care,Ali

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