Enlighten Mar 2019

Although I’m a fan of Enlighten I thought this year’s effort just looked a little bit tired. Maybe it was the weather, as there were a few showers early in the evening. But a lack of street performers and other colourful sights took away from the experience. However having said that, I will be there again next year I hope. 🙂

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Hoover Dam & The Grand Canyon

Well this was the grand finale and part of the reason I made Vegas a stop over. The Hoover dam is an engineering masterpiece. The way it was built and the sheer scale of it, one can only be impressed. The Grand Canyon is the same, only this landscape is one that nature built so it’s scale is enormous. Would have enjoyed being at the bottom of it and looking up but was able to capture a couple of shots from an aerial view.

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Las Vegas

As Wall St is considered the heart of capitalism, then Vegas must surely be capitalism’s playground. Most foreigners are fascinated by what I like to call America’s bling it can be pinnacle of luxury in some places while in other places it’s somewhat less than that.
Still I enjoyed the experience of being able to see it all first hand, which was another curiosity satisfied.

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Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe another picture postcard location, surrounded by snow capped mountains it’s crystal clear water of America’s largest alpine lake. No matter where you go, its always scenic and you get the feeling of a very relaxed lifestyle. So no wonder American’s love to holiday there. Plus it seems the commercialism is also kept under control so that nature is able to put on it’s best display.

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Virginia City NV

Virginia City not far from Reno, this historic western town is worth a visit. Lots of authentic old saloons plus the wooden walkways give this town an old western atmosphere. At the height of the gold rush, it was a pretty wild place and those old buildings all have lots of interesting history on display that can be found by a walk around the town.

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Alaska and the Glaciers

This was another big wish list place to see. As we are most likely the last generation to be able to take any action on global warming I wanted to at least get the feel of that sort of wilderness before it all changes. Although it is still spectacular the signs are obvious that nature is being tested by our addiction to carbon based energy and resource hungry economies. But one has to hope its only the wilful ignorance by a small minority that is preventing a much more major global impact than it already is.

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Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens is a place you don’t have to be a gardener to be impressed by. Quite simply it’s magnificent with many acres of perfectly groomed lawns, hedges and a huge variety of plants. Considering its all a man made creation, it’s an inspiring walk around blending nature with some man made artistic flair. That even a non green thumb person like myself appreciates , I found it amazing.

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Vancouver Island hosts Canada’s political capital Victoria which I related to immediately as I live in one myself. It’s obvious they are holding onto some English traditions by the types of businesses that trade in the city. However it was quite easy to get around and you would be pushed to find any negatives with the people or the city, I thought it was great.

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Whistler another Ski town that I loved, it’s people friendly and the layout of the village is all accessible by foot with only road ways around the perimeters. Obviously looks totally different during the winter but a great place to visit during the summer. It has lots of things to see that are close by, would have liked to have stayed there longer.

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Canadian Critters

Here is a glimpse of Canadian wildlife I caught along the way, all captured through the window of a bus so not all the images are as sharp as I’d like them to be. In some cases you only have seconds to capture the moment. However it’s a lot safer than what some foreign tourists thought when getting out of their vehicle and attempting to take selfies with a full sized bear crossing the road for instance.

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