Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens is a place you don’t have to be a gardener to be impressed by. Quite simply it’s magnificent with many acres of perfectly groomed lawns, hedges and a huge variety of plants. Considering its all a man made creation, it’s an inspiring walk around blending nature with some man made artistic flair. That even a non green thumb person like myself appreciates , I found it amazing.

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Vancouver Island hosts Canada’s political capital Victoria which I related to immediately as I live in one myself. It’s obvious they are holding onto some English traditions by the types of businesses that trade in the city. However it was quite easy to get around and you would be pushed to find any negatives with the people or the city, I thought it was great.

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Whistler another Ski town that I loved, it’s people friendly and the layout of the village is all accessible by foot with only road ways around the perimeters. Obviously looks totally different during the winter but a great place to visit during the summer. It has lots of things to see that are close by, would have liked to have stayed there longer.

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Canadian Critters

Here is a glimpse of Canadian wildlife I caught along the way, all captured through the window of a bus so not all the images are as sharp as I’d like them to be. In some cases you only have seconds to capture the moment. However it’s a lot safer than what some foreign tourists thought when getting out of their vehicle and attempting to take selfies with a full sized bear crossing the road for instance.

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The Rockies

These are a few photos I took along the way in what was an abundance of breath taking scenery. The Rockies scale make Australia’s mountains look like ant hills in comparison. In places they are massive and I’d say it would be fairly rare to catch the peaks out of the clouds even on a blue sky day.

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Really loved this place, its right in the middle of a National park and it feels like it blends in perfectly with nature. No high rises, all the buildings have that natural heritage sort of look and yet still caters for a constant influx of tourists. Yes there are some large hotels in districts close by but they are one of a kind in isolation. I loved the layout of the town and it’s buildings plus the scenery that surrounds it. Not so far down the road is the Lake Louise not to mention the hotel and its surroundings. That was fantastic, I really enjoyed my stay there so much I felt the urge to take a selfie.

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Rocky Mountianeer

Rocky Mountianeer had always been on my wish list, and it was everything I expected except for the train strike one day. But anyway it still must be one of the worlds best train rides, it offers picture postcard scenery no matter which way you look. All these photos were taken through the window and you can see one where the train actually comes into the frame as it turns a sweeping bend. Trains in Canada and the US are very long, especially the freight trains, they seem to go on forever.

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Recent trip to Canada and the USA overseas saw Vancouver as the first major stop. It’s a diverse city with lots of contrasting areas. Gastown is worth a visit, a lot of rare sights there, like the narrowest building and one of the worlds rare steam clocks still in operation. Stanley park is also a must see for any tourist venturing there. For car enthusiasts the inner city seems to have more than its fair share of exotic cars running around the streets but traffic flows freely unlike what happens in Sydney.

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Sunshine Beach

Some snaps from this year’s trip north to warmer Queensland in what we southerners call our “winter escape”. Including sunshine on the water at along the many beaches there. I just like this shot better than the moonshine one I had previously, as it typifies the wonderful blue sky days they have there in abundance during an Australian winter.

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Norfolk Island

A recent visit to Norfolk which is an amazing small Island in the South Pacific with some great scenery and climate. It’s the kind of place for people who like to get away from it all and not be interrupted by white noise such as phones, traffic and crowds. You won’t find any large shopping malls here but what you will find is friendly local hospitality and a lot of things to see, especially things of historic value. It is also a place where the locals come out to wave planes goodbye at the airport. I think that sums it up right there and I was lucky enough able to capture a few pics during my stay.




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