Voting Wisely

While it might be too late to stop Climate change as it’s already here we still have the chance to prevent it from being catastrophic. The reason we are here in the first place comes down to one thing and one thing only, “Conservatism”. This is not just here but a drift from what was once a shared belief into something that became political. Now with it’s reluctance to accept science and data just because they think there is political mileage to be gained from it. Much like a Dr telling their patient to take up smoking.  So here we are, extreme weather events almost weekly now somewhere around the globe that we have to accept as being normal. Given we now have a National Election in progress here in Australia it’s time to be reminded on who took any action on emissions over the past 20-30 yrs and who undid those attempts. Voters need to be reminded how civilisation has evolved from living in caves to landing on the moon. It doesn’t come from faith or believing in the Sun God. It comes from acquired knowledge and using that knowledge to progress and deal with challenges. Be it disease control, resource management, global population impacts and everything else. Climate change is just another one of those challenges that we already have solutions for. Yet instead of being the number one priority on everyone’s list it becomes obscure to some sectors of the population due to that same wilful ignorance. Yet a recent representative global population survey shows over 64% want action on climate change. Break that down to affluent, well educated countries and it jumps up to to well over 75%. Which also makes you wonder how this minority opinion keeps dominating government action over the decades to the point of bringing down multiple leaders of government in Australia. All over one issue, Climate Change policy.

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