The Covid Response & Misinformation

While New Zealand might be the gold standard in terms of covid response, the delta strain has tested them as well as everyone else due to it’s much higher transmission rate in a younger demographic. However the recent new outbreak in Australia once again highlighted the dangerous folly of trying to place a political philosophy up against Science. Our neighbouring state NSW run by a conservative government was initially slow to react to an outbreak. Follow this by only going into lockdown “lite” a week too late and the result of that turned the state into what looked like becoming another “Florida”. This is the state that criticised others for locking down too hard & early only to find out the harsh reality of what it really costs if you don’t.  In any crisis, critical thinking is the key element to a solution not political philosophy. There are no silver bullets to some of these problems but critical thinking and science are the only weapons we have, not opinions. Last week 4Corners aired it’s two part report on the other toxic gift Australia gave America  in “The Murdochs” which in destructive terms may be even worse than the pandemic. Creating the democracy destroyer in the evolution of Fox News. Something I have posted about previously, as this is the ultimate example of how misguided “Opinion” can really be when it decides it can arbitrate on what it chooses to be the truth rather than reporting the truth. Examples of the Murdoch press & co in Australia pushing fabricated information.  Sometimes science can make specific predictions with limited information. While “Opinions” on the other hand are just rolling the dice as they are using an inbuilt prejudice rather than thinking with an educated mind. As NDT said, the ultimate judge, jury and executioner on truth with science, is Nature. Part one below and Part two here.

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