Artificial Intelligence Dilemma

While I come across different documentaries all the time online this one stuck a chord with me. Not because I am particularly interested in the GO game, I had never played it up until this point but this was about something else. A Google DeepMind project AlphaZero at work or how AI can either help or hinder us in our quest for survival as a Human race. There are lots of warnings about the coming threat AI poses to humanity however there are lots of pluses as well. Like in politics for instance, where currently decisions are mostly made based on an emotive response to a problem rather than a more purposeful long term goal. This hardly ever results in the outcome expected, like invading a country for instance to settle a score. Imagine how different the world would be if AI played a part in Political decision making especially during conflict or crisis on what the best choices are for the most desired outcome. Like in a global crisis such as a pandemic, managing resources, climate change or even economic management. Personally I would much rather have AI make a choice for a 50% chance of my survival than 1000 to 1 chance that a political leader might make just because that’s more convenient to them ideologically. The major differences with AI when assuming that eventually it acquires all of human knowledge to use as a reference.  The quality of decision making and problem solving increases where no human could match it and there in lies the threat because that artificial genius can also evolve. But it also raises fundamental ethical questions like the AI in a self driving car facing an impending fatal collision with a school bus. Is it’s first priority to save the school children or the occupants of the car.

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