Sydney Boat Show

Taken on a recent trip to Sydney, not quite Ibiza but almost the same atmosphere as the original
Cafe Del mar in Spain without having to go there. Nice music, good food and of course great wine to relax by while watching preparations for the 2014 Boat Show on Sydney harbour



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New Zealand Trip

This picture was taken on a recent trip to New Zealand cruising through Milford Sound. The sound runs 15 kilometres inland from the Tasman Sea at Dale Point the mouth of the fiord – and is surrounded by sheer rock faces that rise 1,200 metres or more on either side. Peaks are covered in snow which is pretty impressive for November (approaching summer in Southern Hemisphere) Also another place I liked was Napier, which was rebuilt in the early 1930s following a massive Richter 7.8 Earthquake. Subsequent fires destroyed most of its commercial heart. By the end of the decade, Napier was the newest city on the globe and the best collection of art deco buildings still around. Really impressive, like the cruise ship that took us there.

milfordss1 napier2sss OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Cafe Del Mar chillout music

Regardless of how different the previous post is music wise. This is the music I listen to most of the time on those long road trips. It helps stem the road rage when those wannabe large SUV owners think they are driving a half million dollar Ferrari at La Mans passing on a blind corner. So I recently found this online and bought it.

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Lorde – Royals New Music

This is a teen from New Zealand who is only 16 so way beyond my vintage but this is an outstanding song from someone so young. Whether she will evolve into a polished adult performer or follow the destructive path of other young performers who knows. It’s still worth a listen no matter how old you are.

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New Government

Australia now has a change of government basically on the back of a free pass given to the conservatives when the ruling party hit the self destruct button. This took any oxygen out of the achievements that might have given them kudos for re-election. Now we are stuck with a leader who looks to have been dragged straight off the set of “Mad Men”. A guy born into a wrong time period carrying a bunch of idea’s that firmly belong to the 1950’s.
Like dropping the price on carbon just when the new IPCC report is released stating more than ever humans are the biggest contributor to global warming. Then there is the crippling of the National Broadband project, the country’s biggest infrastructure expenditure since WW2. Equivalent to building the bridge across Sydney harbour then stopping halfway using wooden planks to fill the gap leaving the entire investment at risk. Oh and lets not forget the other flagship policy “stop the boats” for refugee arrivals by sea. Completely media driven without any rational thought process taking place on the repercussions for our Asian neighbours nor how it can be implemented in a practical way. Not exactly what you would call smart diplomacy. I just hope in 12 months time the consensus feeling is all about some new achievements and not “what have we done!”
Footnote: Unfortunately we have been screaming “What have we done” for the past two years but he just won’t go away. Most likely will go down in history as the worst government of all time in Australia.

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Gerroa surrounds

Taken on a recent trip to South Coast in a area I hadn’t visited before. It has some breath taking scenery including Coolangatta Estate which includes a winery dating back to the early 1800’s a site of the first European settlement on the South coast. It’s a nice area of the coastline that has not been ravaged by development. The same can’t be said of for other parts of the country that once had pristine beaches.

Early Morning Seven Mile Beach Coolangatta Estate

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Space Oddity with a twist

I have to admit my vintage in liking the original version of this song but this is something else. In a high-flying, perfectly pitched first, the Canadian astronaut Commander Hadfield on the International Space Station is bowing out of orbit with a musical video of his own custom version of David Bowie’s classic. It’s believed to be the first music video made in space, according to NASA. Being a fan of both I couldn’t resist posting it here.

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Sky Whale Canberra

This was Canberra’s gift to itself for the Centenary celebrations. Personally I think another big party on the Lake would have been better received. However it was commissioned to a former Canberra artist Patricia Piccinini by the ACT Government to design the balloon for Canberra’s 100th birthday. With a $300K price tag something more conventional might have sufficed, like a huge candle on top of Parliament house. However judge for yourself on its artistic merit.


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My New Toy

While I have had various Nissan Z models over the years I like this as much as the first one I had. A lil bit of tweaking to get the audio up to spec and now it does everything except make coffee & cook toast. The best fun with these cars is cruising up a mountain crossing with lots of curves and corners. A careful blend of muscle & sports car performance. I just love it!
But there is another Nissan I like even better, check it out. AMS GTR


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Peace Keepers on the Roll of Honour

This story has a personal family connection which I was not aware of until recent months. It relates to peace keepers being killed while on missions overseas yet being neglected by the Australian War Memorial for their service. If they can construct a memorial with every name of those killed in 9/11 and Bali. Surely the fitting place for active servicemen and women losing their life while serving on missions abroad deserves the same honor at the War Memorial. Story featured on the Project
Link to the story below, would be grateful to anyone who agrees to sign the petition to lobby the government to include those names of the fallen.
Update on this post: Thanks to all who signed the petition it helped bring a successful outcome. Video

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