Gold Coast 2022

Just back from a recent trip to the Gold Coast playing in the Australian Open Bowls tournament. While we were blessed with perfect weather and great bowls clubs to visit I have to say it’s not my favourite destination of choice. Only because I prefer to wind down rather than a wind up when it comes to taking a break. To have so much high density living so close to a beach, looking through my eyes is graffiti on nature. Especially with those huge high rises, in my view that sort of development so close to the coast line is like throwing a tin of paint on a masterpiece work of art. In the meantime while away this web site also came under multiple attacks again since I put up a link to a video on the stupidity of embracing a gun culture in a modern highly populated society. This obviously upset quite a few people but they still don’t have the courage to make an argument identifying themselves. Instead they troll behind a VPN and try to kill a message they don’t agree with because their reality vaporises when it comes to arguing against truth.


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