Trolls who attack this site only means more facts being posted.

Another decision passed down by the American Supreme Court (or as Jon Stewart describes it as the “Fox News of Justice”) that was against the wishes of around sixty five percent (70% in 2013 when misinformation was not the weapon of choice) of the entire population of the US shows how democracy has evolved in this new world order of the GOP. They are not concerned about one vote one value, they are only concerned about holding onto power at any cost. By enforcing minority values on an entire population is not much different than Islamic state rule or Taliban type tactics. This is a party that claim to be the moral gate keepers for the entire population so concerned about the life of the unborn no matter how it was conceived yet this same philosophy also means you are on your own after birth. Not to mention the social outcome for unwanted children and the welfare of the mother. When you operate with this sort of logic against the wishes of the majority there is no good outcome at the end. Not to mention other factors being revealed in the Jan 6th hearings with the same GOP. In any other civilised democracy Trump & his minions would already be behind bars but at the time of this post nothing but the outer circle are currently wearing the orange jumpsuits despite overwhelming evidence that multiple crimes have been committed.

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